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The Psychology of Decorative Pillows

Be it a book or magazine on home decorating or an ad or a pinned photo of a room, there in place is invariably a decorative pillow.  Even bedrooms already dripping in just pillows to lay your head on will be accented with a decorative pillow.  In Etsy alone there are over 281,000 (as of a several days ago) decorative pillows listed, leaving it unimaginable to suggest how many there are just on the internet!  

And so I find myself wondering what is this love affair we have with decorative pillows?  Why do we even think we want, no, need them?  What emotional need do they fill?  Yes, of course they give support for weak or tired backs, comfort a heavy head.  You can hug them for emotional support and not look odd, as you would being an adult hugging a teddy bear.  You can travel with them be it in a car or airplane.  But when it comes to the home, we invest in "just the right insert" or what we can afford.  Then we invest even more with covers made of luscious, expensive fabrics, inexpensive fabrics, designer fabrics, barn yard fabric, patched fabrics.  Even then, that's not enough.   We adorn it with thick brush trims, wooden and glass beaded trim, ball trim, flanges, welts, and more. 

For me, pillows are like canvases on which art is created whether by piecing fabric, weaving fibers or applying textiles designed by others.  We build upon it to create a new, enhanced design.  And I'll stretch this even further to suggest, like good art (in the eyes of the beholder) and fine wine, a beautiful pillow gives more than just comfort.  It feeds our psyche.  

Inserting just the right amount of decorative pillows to feed your psyche offers an infinite number of possibilities.  Here are just a tiny, tiny few found on Houzz.com: 

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