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Home Decor:  Be Bold

Home Decor: Be Bold

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Many years ago, I read Laura Ashley's book, Complete Guide To Home Decorating.  The forward was written by Nick Ashley, who in his last remark, wrote "Be Bold."  It was many more years before I had courage enough to step outside my neutral-colored world, it's so safe and calming.   And though I had continued to cling to neutrals as the foundation for my home decor, I found that I could still be bold--well, a little.  Ergo . . . .

Photos from my former home in Northern Virginia.  

  • A faux painted entrance of an interpretation of a Red Bud, Forest Pansy tree over castle boulders.
  • The Cocoa Room, a guest bedroom with Hershey chocolate walls, paint is Library from Ralph Lauren.  I always meant to hang that print! (LOL).
  • A hall bath with faux suede painted walls.

What I had discovered during that five-year decorating project was that color contrasts, solids and patterns, textures, and statement furniture were all key elements to making the scheme work.  Most important was deciding how I wanted to feel when I entered a room.  My previous profession had provided me with more than sufficient stimulation during the day!  I wanted my home to offer just the opposite.  I have since moved to a lovely apartment in a coastal town less than 20 minutes from the nearest beach and Atlantic ocean.  And so I now get to re-decorate all over again and with a studio! Perhaps I'll blog about that project next year.  In the meantime for inspiration, I'll just keep adding to my annsliee Pinterest boards on Life Styles: Be Bold and Interior Life Styles.

  Pinterest  from Fenton and Fenton, Australia.    

Pinterest from Fenton and Fenton, Australia.   

Even a dramatic painting or print, such as the one above, can make a dramatic centerpiece in a room.  Or mixing patterns of the same color value gives a room a real power punch.  The colors from the settee and wall come together very unexpectedly--and stunningly.  

  Perch  Blogspot

Perch Blogspot

Not only are the colors simply fabulous in the above image of the corner of the room but texture is wonderfully varied from the dark turquoise leather desk to the velvet seat cushion to the linen drape.  In smaller accents are the smoothness of the sides of the two vases, the chair legs, and the gold trim that frames the wall paper.  Patterns are repeated in the floral motif chair back and wall print.  Note how each piece of furniture is a statement in itself.  This is such a fun and glamorous place to sit and write a note to a friend.  

The irony is that I really love these boldly decorated rooms with their vibrant, dramatic display.  And I can even image myself sporting blue jeans, a silk Armani shirt, and large dangling earrings; and yes, a watermelon martini.  So cool,  No doubt I'll still cling to my neutrals but I'm thinking I may just decorate the apartment with a bit of a twist. a little more courage. . .  hummm. a bold decor with a beach theme?  I'll need some time to contemplate that!  First and foremost is getting up a hammock for my porch. I really like this one:

HammockPinterest ac25762fde3475c9963c288f5b38f6a8.jpg

So, what's the boldest thing you've ever done in your home?

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