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Adding Layers to Create A Posh Decor

Adding Layers to Create A Posh Decor

Have you ever walked into a space in your home and felt that something was missing? On top of that, you don't know what it is. You have all your furniture in perfectly in place, art work neatly centered on walls and chic decorative window treatments framing your windows. So what it is? Well, the truth is that there are many decorating elements to make interior spaces work and one way is through layering. This post will teach you how top interior decorators add layers to create a posh decor that is rich and inviting.

But first, what is layering? Layering is using many design elements harmoniously. These elements include the use of texture, color, pattern and style. I'd like to take you through visual examples to better explain so join me.

Mix Up Texture:

This living room space by JTM Interiors has a great mixture of different textures. First, there is the smooth wood flooring topped with a soft area carpet that divides up the living space. Then, there is the rustic hard round mirror which creates a strong focal point with delicate flowers in view which visually creates a rich personality altogether. The prickly and coral accessories create another layer richness with its unique, unexpected texture.

Mix Up Color and Pattern:

This living room space by Coburn Architecture is a wonderful example. Starting with color, there is a variety of yellow, blue and violet hues used for accessories and smaller pieces of furniture. Since these three colors are split complements, which is one of the top color schemes used by top decorators, this will create a lot of interest and flair. Then to top off the fun and zesty color scheme, two contrasting patterns are used. There are those beautiful floral throw pillows, topped on the neutral grey sofa that sits next to the zig zag accent chairs in blue hues. Zig zag patterns and floral prints certainly do create an interesting pair don't you think?

Mix Up Style:

 Morrison Home From Houzz.com

Morrison Home From Houzz.com

Now, with styles, just think about eclectic or transitional spaces you've seen in the past. Ever notice how there is a mix of furniture that come from different styles? For example, the style of the sofa would be a sleek modern shape but the style of the chandelier is a two tier antique french type lighting. Mixing up different styles will also create a lush decor. This dining room space designed by Morrison Home is a beautiful visual example. There is the classical arm chairs with a stylized damask pattern on the back mixed with the modern style photography used as art. The style of the pendant light above the dining table is also modern in terms of simplicity and shape. Adding layers to any space of your home is one of the many tools interior decorators use to create rich atmospheres. Now that you know some of design elements try adding layers to create a posh decor yourself to notice the difference.

About the Author

Located in New York, NY, Valarie is an interior designer and owner of Valarie Michelle Decor LLC  (www.vmdecor.com), a drafting and rendering service that illustrates a client's vision. A guest contributor, she is a fabulous find for Annsliee's blog. I hope to share more of her decorating wisdom with you. 

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