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Designs That Fascinate: Modern Chairs

A chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person. Chairs are most often supported by four legs and have a back;however, a chair can have three legs or could have a different shape.
— Wikipedia

And so goes the opening lines in the Wikipedia that define what is a chair.  To this I would add there is a category of modern chairs that are simply stunning pieces of art.  Created by Laura Kishimoto, furniture designer, this tear drop shaped chair is made of ash veneer and mild steel. 

Ms. Kishimoto describes her approach to creating the ash veneer and mild steel chair:

The Saji chair began as a personal challenge to myself to create a three dimensional form from a single two-dimensional curve. Through bending layers of thin laminated strips I was able to retain some of the wood’s inherent flexibility and contort the curve into its compound shape. As the strips could not support weight individually, weaving provided a natural solution to bring rigidity to the structure as well as instilling a sense of movement in the overall composition.
— Laura Kishimoto

I'm sorry but I do get dreamy eyed in awe when I see such exquisite creations like this WB chair by John Ford.  The design almost mimics the natural curving and straight lines of a tree.  It's simple; yet, complex in how it reveals the wood grain, such as tree rings on the side panel. It's clean and sophisticated.  Speaking on his work, Mr. Ford approaches his "art" in

 WB chair by John Ford, posted 9.2012 on   Plastolux (tm)

WB chair by John Ford, posted 9.2012 on Plastolux (tm)

. . . using the most advanced wood engineering and machining technology combined with traditional methods and joinery is the core of execution.

to discover and put into form the most efficient expression and gesture of a thought sometimes too fleeting to fully witness is my passion. I must admit I doubt I will ever design a toaster.

its a given that a chair must support comfortably the human form and weight. there are more than enough chairs that accomplish that goal and stop. to design usable objects that humbly serve their purpose as best as possible yet take on another dimension and move a person thru it’s lines and forms is endlessly challenging.
— John Ford

A stunning and fun interpretation of a very old design:  the rocking chair.  I love it!  The designer, an archetec and photographer, Mr. Carcedo, tells us that

My big goal is to get functional forms equipped with their own beauty and distinctiveness.
— Francisco Hoyos Carcedo

The chair frame is made of plywood with three bands fixed by means of a leather and steel plates bolted to the inner frame.  The soft curvature of the frame of the chair and ottoman appear continuous and complemented by the leather bands, a very appealing and exciting composition. 

From Kurt Mekki Jr in Switzerland, comes a chair designed to enhance your experience in listening or reading.  The chair is called Rosa - Poltrona with acoustics:

. . . [It] keeps one shielded with its acoustic absorbing foam and fabric.

The shape of the ROSA chair is inspired by the rose in a particular position. This natural position is clearly seen by roses or sunflowers that direct their head to the sun for their photosynthesis cycle. The strips represent the layers of the rose and contribute to the curves of the volume. The shape acts like a sound and visual protection which is fitted with sound absorbing foam. The Poltrona also turns in a 360° radius.
— kurtmerkijr.com

This next chair definitely evokes a living in a space age feel.  And reminds me a bit of the 1960's cartoon The Jetsons.  Frankly, I adore it for its whimsy and easy form.  It would be so much fun to sit in it.  It's called the Cone Chair, made by Verner Panton and can be found on All Modern.com.

Okay, so this last chair is a novelty in every respect.  But it's fun, beautifully, artistically and masterly constructed:  the Cello Chair.  I discovered it on The Chair Blog.  I never knew I needed a chair blog until I read this one.  Do check it out if you love or are in search of that very special chair.  The blog offers great resources.  Back to the chair.  It's a creation of Thwart Design.


Once upon a time, I had a notion to only have chairs of different styles from traditional to modern, in different materials but in variations of the same neutral color.  I wanted to thrill myself and guests with exploring experiences in sitting.  Yes, well, I've had wild thoughts on decorating!  Still, the thought left me with a passionate interest in chairs--okay, really the passion extends to all furniture.

That aside, I would love to have include so many more modern chairs, particularly by designers of fine craftsmanship (an adequate word to describe these artists).  I love their visions and chairs.

Do you have a favorite modern chair in your home, on you wish list or just one that you admire?  Please, do tell!

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