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Inspirations, Tips And Resources For Floor length Tablecloths

Inspirations, Tips And Resources For Floor length Tablecloths

If you love floor length tablecloths as much as I do (and I do a lot!), then do read on.  If you've never tried one, now's a good time, especially for the oncoming holiday season. You can make it as formal or as casual as you like or even mix it up.  Layer it with place mats and plate chargers.

A floor length tablecloth is easier to get than you think.  There are at least three sources.  I provide some links to resources and where to purchase at the end of this post.

  • You can purchase one.
  • You can make it yourself.  Yes, that's right.  Purchase fabric or even use bedsheets.
  • You can have one custom made.

I've done all three.  I made one for an oval table.  Sorry, I didn't take pictures and have since given it away along with the table.  I do have a gorgeous silk embroidered floor length table cloth on my project board for Christmas.  I promise to have pictures of that one. 

I had a striped silk one custom made by Calico Corners several years go for the cocoa room where the tablecloth was used on a side table. It's fully lined and has a gathered trim at the bottom. The table itself is actually a small outdoor glass top table that measures 30" diameter.  Now that I live in a downsized apartment, the table sits on the screened in porch and is now used for dining 1-3 people.  But I only occasionally use the silk tablecloth.  I will be making table tops and floor length tablecloths with summer themed fabric that can easily be machine washed--with or without ironing.  The glass top you see here was purchased at Pier 1 Imports.

Even with a simple table topper, on this table,  I've had and shared wonderful meals from breakfast to lunch to dinner. 


For inspiration, let's look at more floor length tablecloths:

So what are the advantages to a floor length tablecloth?

  • Punch color into your decor or tone down other colors and patterns in the room
  • Cover an unattractive or very old table
  • On the other hand, protect a beautiful table from scratches and stains during a meal
  • Keeps guests from putting their feet on the base of table legs that extend outward like a pair of feet.  (Believe me, having polished the base of my pedestal table only to see someone's shoes resting on it required a good deal of hospitable control!)
  • Give small children a place to hide and play while the grown ups sit around the table gossiping:):)
  • Whether for an elegant meal or casual dining, the whole experience is "kicked up a notch." Your guest will love you with great admiration!

The author and creator for this table cloth states that she used a "canvas drop cloth" which she had purchased for $20.  The cloth is 9' x 12' but has visible seams.  Her dilemma was to decide if she wanted to live with the seams or cut and restitch.  Not how she "temporarily" decided to just let is puddle.

Here's another canvas drop cloth but it's painted.  Yes, that's right, painted.  It was purchased cheaply.  The author was pressed for time due to a fast approaching Christmas day diner and came up with this.  As you can see, the edges are left to softly puddle on the floor.

 Also from Better Decorating Bible.com

Also from Better Decorating Bible.com

Clearly the two above are more formal.  The first image is a rich brocade fabric--always a great hit; the second image shows a beautifully beaded trimmed tablecloth. Gorgeous dining settings!

(NOTE:  you can dress up a plain floor length tablecloth with almost any trim.  You don't even have to sew it on, use an iron on tape.  I once did this to drapery side panels.  Worked beautifully.)

I simply adore floor length table cloths that display a layered look as it does in this next one from Apartment Therapy.  Matching seat cushions really brings it all together for a simple but casually elegant look.

What do you think of these next beauties found on Houzz.com

And finally, here is a spot for dining to die for--bursting with color, playfulness and heart beating joy!

Ready to try out a floor length cloth--be it for dining or a side table?  Here's a few resource links (It just doesn't make sense for me to repeat good stuff that's already been written):

  • HGTV - Floor Length Tablecloth.  Offers step-by-step instructions for sewing your own.
  • CV Linens.  Excellent charts on tablecloth sizes based upon the size and shape of the table.  Also carries a wide selection of linens and other fabric types for a tablecloth.
  • Total Table.  Another excellent chart for desired tablecloth size.

In addition to the above, almost any good fabric store or online fabric distributor will have a wide selection of fabrics suitable for a tablecloth. 

Yes, there are other options for dining at the table and I do plan to discuss those in future posts.  But for now, I say if you're looking for just the right final touch to a beautiful dining experience, add a floor length table cloth! 

Are you convinced to give it a try?  Or is this something you already include in your dining experience?  Please, do tell!

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