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Tips for Mastering Small Space Living

Tips for Mastering Small Space Living

Not sure how to master small space living? So you have a tiny space that you aren't proud of and now 
a days everyone thinks, "bigger is better." Well, small spaces are quite special if you select the right 
pieces and sizes, just think, "Small Space, Big Ideas." Read on to learn 4 easy to try tips.
Select Reflective Pieces To Shine

Everyone pretty much knows the rule about how mirrors make a space visually larger but go the extra 
mile by selecting some elegantly decorative pieces. Shiny things aren't just mirrors but can also be 
items that have a mirrored surface too! For example, placing a gorgeous mirror console at the entrance 
of your home and mirrored side tables for guests to place their drinks while chatting it up. Anything 
with shine is sure to set a mood in any small space.

Choose Stylish Furnishings

While standing in your empty living room, you draw an image in your head of whats needed to fill the 
space like a sofa, media center, side tables, etc. When you go off to the store, select stylish furnishings 
like a sofa with a fun color, a media center with beautiful craftsmanship to help your small space 
stunning or even a bold canopy style bed for the master bedroom. 

Use Lengthy Curtains

Want to make whoever comes in to your home, drop their jaws? There's nothing better than using lengthy curtains that will either just touch the floor or drape loosely around it. This technique gives any 
space an illusion that ceilings are high so guest will feel like they're walking into a palace aka, "your 
living room." 

Include One Statement Piece

 Avery Bombe Chest Found on  We Heart It

Avery Bombe Chest Found on We Heart It

Since the space you're decorating will already be quite small you can't really buy a lot of furniture. So 
how to make an appealing space without a variety of furnishing? Easy. Just include that one statement 
piece that will really get guests owing and awing. A statement piece can be anything from a masterfully 
crafted wall sculpture or one of a kind bombe console table. Just make sure this is piece isn't easy to be 
found. Not sure where to find these pieces? Check out Etsy to find a lot of one of a kind, independent 
art and sellers with an amazing eye for design.

So when living in a small space, just think, "Small Space, Big Ideas."

Do you have any secrets you'd like to share?

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