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Decorate With Turquoise

Decorate With Turquoise

I simply love the color turquoise.  The color is fresh, vibrant and just down right inviting, as you will see from the great photos below of homes that decorate with turquoise.   In interesting fact about this blue-green hue is that the name originated from the French word for Turkey because it (the gem) came from there.  The first recorded use in English for the color name was 1573.  (Okay, so this is a bit of trivia, I found it in Wiki.)  Another piece of trivia, you may think, is the meaning of turquoise, as culture would have it: 

The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.

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To which I can only say:  take me there!  Alright, back on topic.  You don't have to live in the Caribbean, in a coastal town or beach house to enjoy this beautiful color.  Country and urban life styles can employ this wonderful color whether in large amounts or accents.     

 Pillows And Swatches From Annsliee

Pillows And Swatches From Annsliee

The following group of photos I discovered on a site called Shelterness, a wonderful place to rummage through for its fabulous DIY project ideas.  Each of the rooms below use turquoise boldly in both large and small quantities on walls to home accessories.  For example, the turquoise (wall paper?) on this powder room wall contrasts boldly with the white cabinet , the dash of black and yellow chair.  The combination is just class to the nth degree.

 Shelterness  Photo #41

Shelterness Photo #41

Turquoise beautifully provides accent in these rooms.  Wouldn't you agree that turquoise is such a refreshing color?

 Shelterness  P hoto #44

Shelterness Photo #44

 Shelterness  Image #50

Shelterness Image #50

Paired with yellow, turquoise is striking!  Here, it even enhances the gray sofa.

 Shelterness  Image #39

Shelterness Image #39

If you're bold or wanna' be, try the combination below:  strong, deep yellow and a deep turquoise.  Sprinkle it with silver and reds.

 Shelterness  Image #9

Shelterness Image #9

Turquoise really pops when paired with white!

 Shelterness  Image #33

Shelterness Image #33

Here's one more idea for decorating with turquoise to send you on your way to thoughts of using it. 

 Shelterness  Image #18

Shelterness Image #18

To create drama with turquoise, choose a complementary color (one that is opposite turquoise on a standard color wheel), such as red to orange.  Or just a deep turquoise. If, however, you want to create a visual monotone scheme, select a monochromatic color (one that is positioned on both sides of turquoise on a standard color wheel).  These colors would be forest-green, emerald, celery, cyan, blue and ultramarine (What Color Looks Good With Turquoise? Juniper Russo).  Ms. Russo goes on to explain that metallic minerals found naturally in the gem turquoise can be translated to pairing the color with other earthy and natural mineral color hues as "bronze, copper, penny and rust." 

Well, it's been four years since turquoise was announced the Pantone color of the year, it's still a popular and desirable color to use.  It allows us to emotionally, if not physically, transcend to a dreamy and relaxing place as we recall the comforting blues of the sky and water and the earthy greens.

If you love turquoise too, raise your hand and let me know!!

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