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When Do You Give Up "Stuff"?

When Do You Give Up "Stuff"?

Lord knows, I wish I knew when to give up stuff and what stuff!  Just four months ago I gave up a beautiful, beautiful fine china Lenox tea set with all of the accompanying servers, cups, saucers and dishware; a gorgeous set of cobalt blue glasses and plates (perfect for serving iced coffee with whip cream and flan), its other complementary tableware; and a drop dead gorgeous set of margarita stemware.  I thought I'm never going to use this stuff again because I'm done entertaining; I already have two tea sets; I'm tired of packing and unpacking and moving this stuff from one house to another; and so on and so.  I even found myself empathizing with hoarders in the most personal way.  I was afraid I was becoming a hoarder.  So I didn't succumb and gave up stuff--again. 

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Then just last week, I discovered that there is a whole culture of women and I guess men who design, set up and share their creative tablescapes.  I'm so inspired.  I love beautifully designed tablescapes almost as much as I love sitting down to one and having a fine meal.  I want to join these designers.  I looked through my stuff with face fallin' heartbreak and remembered all the stuff I sold and simply gave away.

I sat and thought of what I once had: a thick-down cushioned shabby chic sofa with its soft cream cotton slip cover; a beautiful like-new reupholstered over-stuffed chair and ottoman; and a wall of Ikea white Billy Boy bookcases.  All of which I had sold literally for nothing. I wanted them back.  I want the sofa, chair and ottoman to use to display the decorative throw pillows I now love to make.  I want, no I need the bookcases for my new studio.  You see, I'm retired.  Sold my lovely home, moved too far south then moved half way back up the east coast.  On the one hand, I'm faced with downsizing.  On the other hand, I'm an entrepreneur working out of my lovely new apartment and studio. 

Oh, I've given up lots of things before and more often the results were to my benefit:  like that so-called "good job" as a billings clerk so that I could go to college full time.  And then there was the time, I gave up a going-no-where-life-style to work for less as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa.  And the books, upon books I've given away only to buy more.  I often justify giving up stuff or some thing for some other thing that is better--a piece of mind, an accomplishment or a chance to just give. I confess more often it's for space for more stuff.  It's times like these I must ask myself when do you give up stuff and what?  And not regret it?

Ever given up some thing and dreamed of having a life eraser??

Designs That Fascinate:  Pierre Lota

Designs That Fascinate: Pierre Lota

Simple To Elegant: Valentine's Day Tablescape

Simple To Elegant: Valentine's Day Tablescape