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Selecting Art to Match Your Existing Decor

Selecting Art to Match Your Existing Decor

By Guest Contributor:  Valarie Mitchelle, VmDecor

You've selected your furniture and have everything in place but still…something is missing. If you feel that your home feels a bit drab, it could because there are no statement pieces placed throughout your home. Statement pieces are items or subjects that make you contemplate the story or feeling behind it. Sometimes its clear what the message is and sometimes it's not.  What are statement pieces? They can be accessories, sculptural art and also painted art.  Selecting painted art as a statement piece is the most popular option because it’s easier. Each painting tells a unique story, can be purchased in different sizes and is much safer for shipping. This post will help you learn how to select art to Match Your Existing Decor by determining your style.

For The Love Of Spring, Water Color On Paper by Janet B. Sessoms, Wilmington, NC

Are You Traditional?

Traditional home decor will have a lot of ornate furniture pieces. For example, furniture legs will be curved and will have a lot of detailed carvings. Most wood materials will have intricate symmetrical designs displaying impeccable craftsmanship. Usual color schemes for traditional home decor settings are earth toned warm colors such as red, brown and green. Accessories such as a mirror or table lamps will often have bronze accents.

If you have a Traditional home decor, then the best art would be floral pictures or still life paintings in oil. If you want to go a bit bold, select modern still life photography instead.


Are You Contemporary?

A contemporary home decor will have furnishings that are simple and sleek when it comes to shape. There is not much detail and carvings in wood, in fact, hardly any. Instead of detail, contemporary design is more focused on materials like reclaimed wood, marble or stainless steel. Basic colors schemes for this type of design are either neutral hues that are light or different shades of one color leading to a more monochromatic color scheme. Geometric patterns are also used to add more variation.

Nothing To Against, Black White Traditional Ink Painting by Manjuzaka, Hong Kong Island

If you have a contemporary home decor setting, then the best art is abstract, still life photography or any art that experiments with various materials. If you want to go bold, select a graphic giclee art poster with written statement to show off your sense of typography.






Are You For Shabby Chic?

If you have a shabby chic home decor, then the best art for this type of setting are floral prints that have a neat and tidy look. Also botanical and bug pressing will add more of a natural feel. These types of art will bring out more femininity in this type of setting, while staying soft on the eyes. For the framing, select a frame that has glitz and glamour. If you want to go bold, select a colorful fantasy type painting.

Found on Foxy Lounge, Art by Angela Staehling

Are You Eclectic?

An eclectic home decor will have a careful blend of different pieces from various time periods. Furniture, as an example, may include an asian influenced cabinet with a Scandinavian side chair topped on a Turkish area rug. A complete look for this type of decor is pulled together by color, pattern or specific textile. This decor tends to have a, “collected over the years,” look where accessories usually have sentimental value and carries meaning to its owners.

Discovered on Pinterest

Selecting art to fit your current home decor will depend on your style. Any art selected should of course reflect you. So have fun, explore your tastes, likes and dislikes while trying something new.

What's your favorite kind of art that you have in your home?

About the Author

Located in New York, NY, Valarie is an interior designer and owner of Valarie Michelle Decor LLC  (www.vmdecor.com), a drafting and rendering service that illustrates a client's vision. A guest contributor and a fabulous find for Annsliee's blog. Each month, she will be sharing more of her decorating wisdom with you.  Can't wait?  Try her services with a 10% discount.  Just enter coupon code "VMDECOR10" at her Etsy shop.

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