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Upholstered Headboard Ideas:  Indulge Yourself

Upholstered Headboard Ideas: Indulge Yourself

I was paging through a decor magazine one afternoon last year and ran across an article about upholstered headboards which is now a hot trend.  I thought it interesting at the time but simply turned the page. (Yep . . . my love for reading includes decor magazines and books.)  I later began to notice just how true the article was.  One decor magazine after another and one decorating book after another all had copious images of upholstered headboards.  What struck me was that this is a fabulous way to add color, patterns and even stateliness to the bedroom.  It's practical (for us-read-in-the-bed people) and many of the designs can easily be done on a weekend DIY project.  Here are just a few examples of these gorgeous bedroom furnishings.

Don't you just love the coral in this bedroom and the queen-like designed headboard, tufted and detailed with a contrasting trim on the border. 

Jennifer Flanders Inc., Interior Design

Feminine and fun in red but not so much red as to disturb sleeping.  The fabric pattern and colors is just stunning.  What a lucky cat!

Discovered on Silver Hills.com

This is such a simple, clean color scheme in blue and white where the tufted semi-wrap around headboard adds texture.  A touch more texture is added with the wall accent.  Beautiful.

Here's another semi-wrap around headboard detailed in a buttoned tuft and nail head finish.  The seriousness of the gray is juxtaposed with the happy yellow and neutral white pillows.

Orange and turquoise . . . what a lovely color combination.  If you feel threatened by the more elaborate headboards above as a DIY project, the one below is a prefect candidate for a week end project.  You'll spend more time having fun just picking out the fabric!

The shape on this headboard, and of course the lovely pattern and colors, is simplistic and handsome.  Oh, those decorative pillows really add a lot of fun to the composition!

Exquisite comes to my mind when I look at the this headboard.  The shape is simple but the fabric is stunning and detailed with a self welt. The idea here is that you can translate this simple rectangle shaped headboard to an easy DIY project and just add a drop-dead gorgeous ikat or some other fabric that you love.  Complement this with decorative pillows (see me of course for this project) and whoa!  You've got drama extraordinaire.

Discovered on Pinterest  (Luce ikat fabric from Madeline Weinrib to the trade.)

Am I winning you over with these wonderful upholstered headboards yet or am I just preaching to the choir?  Blue and yellow and white are always a great color scheme but here the yellow and white floral fabric on the headboard says I'm just sooooo happy to be alive. I really love how the rounded shape of the flowers couples with the rounded crown of the headboard and together the shapes counter the squares in the coverlet and the stripes in the rug.

When I saw this headboard, I thought "just take me there":  rich cocoa fabric accented with contrasting button tufts and trim on a crown and curling headboard frame.

Can a teen really resist loving this gold heart-shaped headboard?

Yes, even young boys can join in and experience the fun and comfort of an upholstered headboard, given the right manly height.


Getting it done

There are so many more design shapes and fabric for an upholstered headboard and the possibilities are seemingly endless.  You can also just mount them on the wall.  

Are you a DIY type?  Here's a great Youtube video by PinkSoFoxy on making a tufted headboard.  The how to info is nicely detailed and the finished headboard is really plush.


Remember:  Be Bold!  (And do feel free to come back and talk to me about complimentary decorative pillows for your upholstered headboard.)  Not a DIY type?  You can of course find a carpenter to make the frame and an upholsterer to cover the frame. Or you go to a good home decor and fabric store where you can pick out the fabric and the store would have a third party vendor make it for you.  These are custom ordered projects.  I had one made at Calico Corner many years ago and it was very nicely done.

Already have a wood headboard that you're lamenting was upholstered?  Not to worry, I'll address that in a later post because I too have a wood headboard with wonderfully turned posts.  I also like the idea of adding color, pattern the comfort of the padding and the lovely detailing that makes the whole setting more stately.  For the time being, I'll just have fun looking for just the right drop-dead-can't-live-without fabric.

So what do you think?  Time to consider an upholstered headboard to plush up the bedroom? 

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