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Inspirations To  Create A Wall Drama

Inspirations To Create A Wall Drama

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is what I call "Wall Drama."  There are only 36 pins because I sat the bar really high for that collection.  Some of the walls were created with wall paper (can you believe it!), others are paintings from abstract to spectacular scenes.  These are not your ordinary faux painted walls. I've done my share of the tame and timid painted walls from antique lace bordering to tone-on-tone striped paintings to sponging.  I even had one entry faux painted with castle-like boulders, topped with an eastern red bud tree. 


I'm talking real wall drama!  Here are just a few:

   Pinterest   for sweethomestyle.tumblr.com.  Could this be a blown up photo!

Pinterest for sweethomestyle.tumblr.com.  Could this be a blown up photo!

 Found on   Pinterest

Found on Pinterest

Not an artist?  Can't afford one to paint your walls?  Well, there are other solutions, such as wall paper recreated through a copy print of art pieces.  There are several companies that will do this.  Check out this one called PixerSize.com for wall murals.  I found one of their wall pieces on Pinterest.

This is not a Pixers creation, not sure of how it was done.  But I think it's beautiful, serene blues warmed with golden yellow and oranges and red.  You get the picture.

How exciting . . . and it'll wake up any non-coffee or coffee drinker.

 On   Pinterest   from PlentyOfColor.com

On Pinterest from PlentyOfColor.com

   Pinterest   from service en brocante.blogspot

Pinterest from service en brocante.blogspot

Okay . . . just one more.  It reminds me of zindangle which is so much fun to produce.

Why am I so interested in wall drama?  The outside of my studio is complete with the exception of muddying and sanding.  My art neighbors keep asking what color will I paint it.  The problem is that I change my mind from week to week, especially when I see images of wall drama.  The pressure is on, and I need inspiration!!

Help yourself to make a suggestion . . . would love to hear from you!  

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