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Decorating Tip:  Transform Nicknack Clutter To A Collection

Decorating Tip: Transform Nicknack Clutter To A Collection

My grandmother had a lot of nicknacks.  Tiny cups and saucers, tables, flower pots, teapots, you name it.  Some were hand painted porcelain.  Some were fine china.  She even had miniature cast our skillets and pots.  Then there were the animal figurines.  She crocheted and made more cups and saucers that she starched, ironed and molded so that they actually took the shape of real life size cups and saucers. They rested on doilies on her side tables and the cocktail table. Her 1950's shadow box was filled with these little replicas of real life.  And when that was filled, she scattered them throughout her house. There was a time when I thought these tiny replicas were interesting.  But as I grew older, I began to see them as things that cluttered the house. 

They had to be dusted, carefully.  They crowded the space of her small home.  There was no place to rest the eyes.  Her nicknacks became difficult to see because there were so many of them.  No, her collection of figurines and miniature replicas were not at the level of hoarding that you see on the popular T.V. show called Hoarding.  Her collections were just a collection of disorganized-gotta'-display-everything malaise.  So at an early age, I found myself adverse to display small objects, though I tended to collect them but forever stored them.

 From   Traditional Home  , Arrange Shelves to Showcase Collection

From Traditional Home, Arrange Shelves to Showcase Collection

What I did finally learn over the years, that such little treasures simply need to be organized and given the kind of attention as museum curators give great art.  Group them, display them sparingly as centerpieces or in a gallery style.  And when the collection becomes large, rotate them from room to room or store and alternate display them by season or celebratory events.

The collection becomes a statement of good taste, precious treasures and keepsakes to be marveled at rather than nicknack clutter.







This is a reprint of a post from the now retired Annsliee-Blogs site.

How do you display your collection?  Please, do tell.  Would love to hear from you!

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