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10 Monochromatic Rooms With Shots Of Color

You've seen them: rooms decorated in a single color in varying shades.  And they are most often gorgeous or calming or . . . dare I say it . . . boring.  What if you like monochromatic rooms but not sure of how to pull it off.  Or perhaps you find one color a bit too understated, calming to the point of making you feel comatose?  Here's 10 beautiful monochromatic rooms with shots of color that keep the room interesting.  Can you guess what secrets interior designers used to do this?  (Not to fret, from Design Rulz, three tips are listed at the end of this post.)

 Also from Design Rulz.com

Also from Design Rulz.com

 Discovered on   Luster Interior Blog  , interior design by Mary McDonald

Discovered on Luster Interior Blog, interior design by Mary McDonald

 Archectural Digest

Archectural Digest

   Pink Door Designs.com   on Rhapsody, a book by Kelley Wearstler

Pink Door Designs.com on Rhapsody, a book by Kelley Wearstler

 Discovered on   Pinterest

Discovered on Pinterest

Well, did you discover how the interior designers kept these monochromatic rooms interesting?

Design Ruiz offered three easy steps to follow:

  • Keep things to the same palette, but choose variations on a color.
  • Inject lots of texture.
  • Break your scheme with a shot of color.

Do you have a monochromatic room?  Or a favorite color you would like to use for one?  Please, do tell!


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