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Create An Autumn Color Decor

Create An Autumn Color Decor

Well, autumn is creeping its way into the Northern Hemisphere!  After sweltering summer days here in Wilmington N.C., autumn is a welcome relief from those hot humid days.  Of course by December, we'll probably sing a different tune gazing outside and breathlessly waiting for beach days.  But for now, we've looking for orange pumpkins, silvery gourds, and yellow leaves.  Bringing those lovely colors in doors is a wonderful treat. 

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite places for color scheme inspiration is the Design Seeds.  The one is called "autumn hues"  where colors are beautifully drawn from a collection of pumpkins and fall gourds.

 Design Seeds   'autumn hues'

Design Seeds 'autumn hues'

The soft hues of autumn were chosen for this palette and they're absolutely gorgeous: soft blue, silvery gray, beige, a very light orange paired with a darker, muted orange and then a beautiful deep gray.  They invite you to just curl up on a sofa, read a good book, drink hot tea and take a nap.  From my Polyvore site, I was inspired to create a couple of design boards to bring these lovely colors indoor.

The darker autumn hues from the color palette were chosen for the focal theme here.  A dark gray sofa and angus leather ottoman contrast with a deep orange rug.

Here, I reversed the selection for a color theme by choosing the lighter hues of autumn in the color palette.  For drama, I chose a dark gray wall.  Depending upon the size of the room and a desire to not darken it, one wall such as this would be the focal wall.  Choose a lighter gray for the other walls.

You know of course you don't have to change your whole decor just to bring in autumn colors.  Right?  Just select a few of the colors that fit your scheme, store some of your summer color decor items.  You can bring them back in the spring or summer.  They'll feel like new by then.

I can see a few other autumn colors that can be added to your decor.  Can you?  Oh please . . . do tell!


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