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The Bold Side Of An Autumn Decor

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In my last post, Create An Autumn Color Decor, I introduced a Design Seed color palette and had created two decorating design boards using the subdued hues of autumn colors.  But autumn also brings with it new bold and exciting colors of yellows, golds, reds, and oranges, such as those shown below in the leaf colors: 

Now I must express my disappointment in finding very few interior designs that reflect the bold vibrant colors of fall.  There are of course decors for other seasons of the year with these bold colors.  What I did discover were examples of yellow and white decors and orange and yellow or white decors that could easily be translated into fall colors by adding accessories. There are many such examples under the heading fall decorations and are loaded with pumpkins and gourds. 

Where fall decors were identified or referenced as such, lots and lots of wood elements were in the decors, flat dark browns and traces of dark reds and oranges.  It was as if someone turned off the lights.

Here is my one marvelous example of a living room that beautifully shows off fall colors.  Yet, it is a room fabulous for any season with just a little change in decorative items. (Yes, it is accessorized in autumn colors.)  Everything about this room exudes comfort and warmth.  It works well for these reasons:

  • Light, light and lots of it.  Even a gray day would have a hard time dampening the lovely mood of this room with its white walls and slip-covered chair and sofa reflecting every bit of light.  The absence of window treatment gives clarity to the room.
  • Orange painted wood work around the windows.  The designer was quite daring to paint the window trims a happy orange.  You do know that orange is a happy color.  Right?  I write about orange in my post titled Decorate With Orange.
  • Multicolor blanket and throw bring in the layers of colors we see in fall. 
  • Natural elements found in nature are reflected in the wicker chair and what appears to be a sisal or jute rug.  And then there is the dark wood chest.  But notice too that the dark elements are used sparingly.
  • The stone mantle and surround, well, I just love it.  It's height suggest grandness without the pretense of grandeur.  A fire in a fireplace is classic love, romance, coziness, intimacy and a home for the heart.  But too, the yellow and red flames without a doubt reflect bold colors of autumn.
  • Contrast!  Dark and light colors are paired to create interest, even drama.

If your home decor is missing some or all of the glorious bold colors of autumn, you can definitely bring them in as accenting decorations.

Greet your guest with a collection of colorful gourds:

Wow your guest with a orange (or yellow or red) splash table setting--or why not just your family!

You love your white room?  I would too if it looked like this one.  Imagine what a tiny bit of fall colors would do when strategically placed throughout the room!

The living and dining room below is absolutely lovely.  But how would you give it a more autumn appeal or would you leave it as is? 

Or this one?

What's your take on decorating a room in bold fall colors?  Would you want it all year?  Or would you just prefer accessorizing with fall colors?  Oh please, do tell!


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