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Your Apartment Bathroom: Pit Stop Or Spa?

Your Apartment Bathroom: Pit Stop Or Spa?

Okay, I'll go first.  I confess, my apartment bathroom is a pit stop.  It's decorated in clutter.  It's totally disorganized.  It's depressing.  I thought to myself, surely you can do better.  For many, apartment bathrooms are small and barely functional:  a face bowl; a toilet; a tub with a shower; and a towel rack.  If you're lucky, there is a cabinet under the face bowl and perhaps even a linen closet.  

If, however, you have a luxury apartment, more than likely you have all the amenities of space, beautiful cabinetry, lots of storage, in short all the wonderful accouterments of a stylish bathroom.  This post is probably not for you.  

For the rest of us, let's go shopping for elements that can turn our tiny apartment bathrooms into a spa-like comforting and pleasurable space to be.  I selected neutrals in white, beige and some grays.  However, you may want to choose a different neutral scheme.  The key is to keep colors to a minimum where comfort, calm and rest for the mind, body and spirit are encouraged.  After all, we deserve it!!


1.  For the Back Drop Ambiance:  the Decor

Spas are by "definition," healing places for our mind, body and spirit.  It begins with soft neutral colors on the walls; green plants and bouquets of flowers; soft lighting; and minimal, transitional to modern furnishings.  Let's translate this setting to our tiny  apartment bathrooms.  (White walls and tiles are a welcome canvas.)

2.  Organize IT!

Much will depend here on how much space you have around your face bowl; if you have a cabinet under the face bowl; a medicine cabinet; and frankly if you have any shelf space around the tub/shower are.  Let's assume (hope) you do have some space around and in each of these areas.

Make a list of all your toiletry needs.  Prioritize what can be stored out of sight, such as toilet paper.  Be brutal!  Do you really need the mouth wash bottle sitting out?  We're going for a minimal look here for that calming, rejuvenating ambiance.  Your special needs will determine what should be revealed when you first enter your tiny bath room.  Still, here are some items that can speak to healing of your heart, mind and body:

 Glass containers from   Pottery & Barn  ; incense from   shop.creepyhollows.com

Glass containers from Pottery & Barn; incense from shop.creepyhollows.com

3.  Get Spa Comfortable With Robes, Slippers And Linen and Cushy Rug

You may love standing in your apartment tiny bathroom in your birthday suit.  But face it, you will need a towel from time to tine.  For those of us who care to or need to brush our teeth while clothed, the comfort of soft thick terry (or linen) against our skin sends "I am loved" messages to our mind and spirit.

 Sources:  Pottery & Barns.com,   Wayfair.com   and   Frontgate.com

Sources:  Pottery & Barns.com, Wayfair.com and Frontgate.com

Remember I said above to take down the towel rack?  Just store it and put it back when you move.  Apartment towel racks are so useless.  If you at all have the space, replace it with a rack where you can fold or roll your thick terry towels, hang your plush robe and even wash cloths.  I particularly like this one from dhGate.com, it's modern, multi-functional and just outright lovely to look at:


Carry the enjoyment of your newly transformed tiny apartment spa-like bathroom to its fullest use by including accessories and bath comforts.  There are so many types of kits, that your personal taste will have to guide you to the right one.  I'm checking out the DIY WebMed article 9 Home Spa Makeovers For Body And Soul.

What could be better than a spa-like tiny bathroom?  A big one?  Maybe a glamorous one?  I'll save this latter style for a different post.

So what's on your menu for making that tiny apartment bathroom more than just a pit stop?  Oh please, do tell!

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