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Designs That Fascinate: 7 Contemporary Stools And Storage Tables

Furniture designers are artists too, at least in my humble opinion.  They creatively--and fascinatingly--bring together function and art.  Contemporary furniture designers not only reinterpret earlier designs but they utilize traditional and new materials.  From wood to metal to polyurethane, they intrigue us to bring their designs into our homes.

As part of my continued episodes of Designs That Fascinate, I showcase below seven furniture designs:  tables and stools and a clever little LED lit cube that can work as a light source, a side table and a small stool.  

The KAI (Coffee) Table

The KAI coffee table reminds those fun wood block puzzles.  Only this one comes with storage.  Width and height complements average American coffee tables.  But this is a Japanese design, so the height may be a bit of a stretch in western homes.  Still, it is so beautiful and clever, I 'm sure it could find a place here.  Note the many little cubby space for storage in the second image.

Designed by Naoki Hirakoso and Naoki Hirakoso and   The coffee table is constructed of wood and measures 900 square mm and 270 H  (35 7/16 inches square by 10 5/8 inches high).   

  the kai (coffee) table   

the kai (coffee) table  


The Componibili Round  Storage Modules

The componibili round storage module design has been around since approximately 1969.  It  was created by Anna Castelli Ferrieri, an influential architect and industrial designer of postwar Italian modern design, particularly in the use of alternative materials such as metal and polyurethane.   She and her husband, Giulio Castelli, founded Kartell.  (See my post on Designs That Fascinate:  Translucent Furniture).  The componibili, which is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art New York City, and continues to enjoy popularity in modern and contemporary decors.  

The collection shown below can be found at one of my favorite places for contemporary and modern furnishings and lighting:  Lumens.com.   The models offer a tray top, come in four different colors (silver, white, red and black) and two different heights (2 and 3 feet).   Casters for easy mobility are also available.  All versions are constructed in a molded ABC plastic.

   Componibili round   at Lumens.com

Componibili round at Lumens.com

Lumens  is also now offering the componibili in a new finish:  a shiny version especially excellent for regency glamour or just plain glamourous decors.  I LOVE, LOVE can I repeat that, LOVE it!  Can you guess what's on my wish list???

If you're not sold on the cylinder style, there is also a square version which can be purchased at Allmodern.com.

   Componibili square version   at Allmodern.com

Continuing with the theme of plastic furniture by Kartell 

Here's another favorite design called the Masters Stool and it too can be found at Lumens.com.  The stool comes in a chair style but I'm only showing the stool here.  The stool comes in five different colors:  black, white, grey, rust orange and sage green.

   Masters Stool by Kartell   found at Lumens.com

Masters Stool by Kartell found at Lumens.com

Plum Stool Series 1 and 2 

An exquisite interpretation of modern dance is found in this next design called Plum Stool Series 1 and 2.  They have a very futuristic impression and for which I find the clean and organic lines most appealing for a minimalist or modern decor. The stools are designed by Alvaro Uribe, the principle designer of Alvaro Uribe Design and from where you can get further information on availability.


Best described by the company is the following quote:

The Plum Stool is a concept that organically combines structure, form and material into one. . . . Similar to the shaft of a leaf these ribs give additional resistance to pressure and compression. The overall gesture is designed to resemble that of a dancer, exposing the flexibility of the body and the skin.
— Alvaro Uribe Design

Companion Stools by Phillip Grass

I seem to have the ability to fall in love with every piece of furniture I've selected for this post.  Well, I just can't help myself.  Without a doubt, this next piece certainly deserves a place in any modern or contemporary interior design.  I love how it takes on a kind of thoughtful "personality" all to its own.

The stools come in two designs:  companion and companion 4 legs.  Seats are available in beech, oak and sipo mahogany.  The metal legs are made of powdered-coated steel tubes.  For more details on its construction and how to order, you can find out at the Phillip Grass website. 

 source Phillip Grass.com

source Phillip Grass.com

 Companion stool 4 legs by Phillip Grass

Companion stool 4 legs by Phillip Grass

 Companion stool by Phillip Grass

Companion stool by Phillip Grass

When you're living in a tight space, this picture-table is perfect for serving double duty:

 Picture Table From   Ivy Design.com    

Picture Table From Ivy Design.com  

 Raising up the Picture Table found on Ivy Design.com

Raising up the Picture Table found on Ivy Design.com


And finally another Design That Fascinates is this LED lit cube that works as a light source, a side table and a small stool.  It's water proof, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  I particularly like it for an apartment balcony where space is precious.  The design is by Artkalia and is constructed of white opaque polyurethane, measuring 17" square cube.  The designer's goal was "to combine energy efficient LED technology with attractive modern design."  Unlike some of the designs listed above, the cube can be easily purchased on Lumens.com here in the U.S. 

Contemporary and modern designs always fascinate and I think because they address the needs of our current life style, offering multiple uses in one piece; artistic designs that deem them worthy of a collection; and often in materials that make them affordable. 

I hope you too are just as fascinated and perhaps interested in bringing such pieces into your decor.  Until next time . . .


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