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Following A Reader's Tip On Rachel Khoo, The Cook

Following A Reader's Tip On Rachel Khoo, The Cook

I love it when my readers leave me a tip on something new or something I didn't know existed.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on Apartment Living: Shedding My Kitchen Snobbery, my silly lament on apartment living with a tiny kitchen.  Rosalind, from Rosewarne Gardens (a landscape and design planting company in the U.K.) left this comment:

My goodness for small kitchen wonders you must watch Rachel Koo’s first few series in her Paris ‘restaurant’ which is in fact her tiny flat, she can stand in the middle of the kitchen and touch all the walls. It has incredibly basic equipment and yet she turns out mouthwatering cuisine. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01dy7yt
— Rosalind of Rosewarne Gardens

So off I went to find Rachel Khoo.  It's been an exciting adventure for me to learn about Ms. Khoo.  I couldn't get to the BBC programs. Thank goodness for the internet.  Indeed, Ms. Khoo had a tiny, tiny kitchen living in Paris.  There, she made her name for her wonderful meals, and there she was able to produce her first cook book, The Little Paris Kitchen.  Although she still has her Paris apartment, she moved to London where, as she puts it, "Paris is not good for business, it's not international enough.  France is very traditional, whereas London is really dynamic, people  take risks."  

In demonstrating that the size of a kitchen isn't important, Ms. Khoo illustrates that creativity, dedication and skills of the cook is what makes the difference for a beautiful and delicious meal.   As for me, I'll be following Ms. Khoo for one of her recipes on some of my favorite foods.  You may even see a dish on one of my Monday Eats series, like her lemon kurd dish.

Psst, If you get the Cooking Channel TV, you may be able to see one of Ms. Khoo's episode Wednesday 9:00 am ET.  Or you can check out her website Rachel Khoo.  

Thank you Rosalind for this wonderful tip!


Have you heard any great tips lately on tiny kitchens and cooking?  Oh, please do tell!

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