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How To Create A Stylish Vignette In Your Apartment

How To Create A Stylish Vignette In Your Apartment

So when you enter your apartment or any room in your apartment, what do you see?  A big sofa, a blank wall and dull, maybe even dark creepy corners?  Let's talk about changing that.  Those blank walls, that dark creepy corner is the perfect place to create a stylish vignette.      


Select Your Space

  • Consider a wall, such as an entry wall and space above a sofa or chair with the seating anchoring the vignette
  • Consider a corner of the room where you can add a chair, table and lighting
  • Incorporate a theme -- a wall gallery, a collection of sculptures, even electronic gadgets and a garden space  
  • Layer it with your decor elements

The image below beautifully illustrates a corner vignette with a chair, a collection of framed pictures behind the chair, and floor light.  The straight lines of the brown leather chair are softened by the fringed throws and white pillow.  Also behind the chair off to the left a sculpture and plant on the window sill gives balance to the whole of this corner vignette.  All of these items in color, shape and texture contrast and warm of the sterile background of the white wall, wonderfully highlighted by the large bare window.  Note how the elements are layered.

The corner vignette compliments an overall living room decor.  Here too, you can better see the small rug in front of the chair, its color picking up the color of the throw and a couple of the pillow on the sofa.   Imagine how boring the total room would look with only a chair in the corner!  

Let's look at a few more gorgeous examples of vignettes: 

 Home Portfolio for   Jamie Herzlinger  , the designer

Home Portfolio for Jamie Herzlinger, the designer

Note, below you'll see that you don't need a big budget to create a vignette!  A gallery wall can easily be created with family photos, your dog images, your bad photo images.  Place it above a furniture element.  Scour garage sales, consignment and antique shops for frames.  Paint them.  Take risks, be bold, be different but be you.  

The wall and sofa vignette below is rich in texture, particularly with the wood-board wall.  How could you create something similar that dramatizes your sofa-wall space and creates a vignette?  Paint.  Plants, even one large plant.  A simple, solid color sofa.  Decorative Pillows.  Simple lighting.  And of course, one bold work of art.

When using plants, especially for an apartment, dare to add at least one very large plant to a corner for a very dramatic effect:

By now you may be thinking what about that 27 inch monitor you love, what about  that big T.V. screen and all of the entertainment paraphernalia! The same principle applies.  Select your wall space, organize it, color it and layer it.  

A sofa doesn't have to hug a wall.  Create a dramatic vignette by using that wall for book cases, entertainment units and a desk.  Your modules could simply cover half the height of the wall with a T.V. mounted on the wall.  Space would be left to create a gallery, etc.  Stores such as Ikea have inexpensive units that can be added to as the budget allows.  The sofa is pulled away but faces the wall similar to the furniture placement below: 

Further reading and ideas: 

Convinced yet?  Share your thoughts.  Would love to hear from you!


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