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Fireside Dining To Love By

Whether you're alone, with a significant other or friends, dining by fireside makes for a lovely and intimate dining experience.  The main ingredient is of course the fireplace.  Next is an inviting table setting and good food.  These elements in place, you have no excuse to not enjoy evenings at fireside dining to love by.  Check out  these wonderful examples for inspiration. 

   House Beautifu  l for Ralph Lauren

House Beautiful for Ralph Lauren

A full meal isn't necessary.  Serve wine, cheeses, olives and a savory spread.  Or why not create this intimate event with a warm and cozy tea, tea sandwiches and sweets "for the sweets:"

The lovely setting drapes a beautiful table cloth over a small table, dining chairs all moved to the living room:

A cocktail table as the dining table in a living room?  Yes!  Why not!

Your friends will love you dearly and faithfully when you invite them to dinner by the fireside, relaxing at the cocktail table:

The dark of evening isn't necessary.  Just move that Bristol table and chair right in front of the fireplace--anytime of the day you get the itch.  Be sure to light the fireplace!  I love how here this floor length table cloth looks like a wool blanket.

Holiday season!  Not a problem.  Take some time off from all those busy events, shopping and visiting and go for a quiet evening - dinner for two by the fireside.

Casual!!  Please do.   I love the suggestion here with the addition of a picnic basket.  Imagine a cold wintry evening with just a touch of a summer ingredient:  

Or you can "kick it up a notch" with a similar elegant fireside dining to love by.  Add a white table cloth, lit candles and sparkling table setting:  

Don't click away just yet, you can get even more ideas from these related readings:

Yes, you can just go to a restaurant with a fireside.  But why not make your fireside dining a lovely evening at home.  That someone special will have a wonderful memory of just how creative you are--and so will you. 

What do you think?  Please do share your thoughts?  Plan to give it a try? Would love to hear from!

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