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Patience And How I Got 25% Off The Price Of Draperies and Slipcovers

Patience And How I Got 25% Off The Price Of Draperies and Slipcovers

My last major decorating project took nearly five years!  Hold off with the wow.  I'm counting the time I spent experiencing a transition in my taste from floral patterns and jewel tones to  a neutral color no fuss decor design.  I couldn't just throw out the old stuff and start over.  The transition was gradual as I spent a good deal of time reading decorating books, paging through heaps of subscription magazines, and that doesn't include the ones I gleaned at the grocery stores!  During this period, I came to love two furniture and home decor designers that were closer to my budget.  One of them was Calico Corners.

First, I'm not affiliated with Calico Corners.  I look for quality, durability and designs that can transcend the latest "hipe" in home decor  Like you, I want the most "bang for my bucks."  So I worked with one particular associate who quickly learned what I was trying to accomplish.  

Here's the key to getting that discount:  I began to notice that  when Calico Corners had a sale only on fabric it was at 15% off.  But labor was not discounted.  When labor was discounted, usually at 10%, fabric was (but not always) on sale and only at 10%.  So I would purchase the fabric on sale at 15%, then hold it until labor was on sale at 10%.  Simple as that.  How long did I have to wait between sales?  Generally three months.  It was worth it.  

I had two old sofas that were in excellent condition.  One was actually an over-sized love seat.  I discovered that fitted slipcovers were not only cheaper but down right gorgeous.  The upholsterer, Calico Corner's private contractor, actually came to the house, fitted and cut the fabric.  When work was completed, about two-three weeks, he came back and covered the sofas with the new slipcovers.  I sat around drinking coffee and watching the lovely transformation.

Below is an image from my previous home and my 21 year-old, over-sized sofa with a
new custom slipcover and custom drapes -- purchased on 25% price discount:


Also from my previous home:  This was a 25 year-old sofa with new custom back and seat cushions in
down feather, a custom slipcover done in cottage chic -- all done with 25% price discount.


As you may or may not know, I've been a bit of a nomad since retirement, having lived in three different states.  But I've now settled (possibly for a very long time) in a lovely apartment.  While I have very little to purchase, I continue to do so with "hunt and wait" for what I want, then "bird dog" it for a sale.  Patience and tracking sales patterns are key.  But then we all know that, don't we?

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