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Storage Bench Seats Are Really Cool! Here's Why.

Storage Bench Seats Are Really Cool! Here's Why.

Yes, and I stand by my opinion.  Storage Bench seats are really cool, especially for apartment dwellers.  

  • You get that desperately needed storage space -- an absolute must have in small space living.  
  • Stand alone storage bench seats are mobile, ready to be moved to your next home.
  • There are a wealth of designs both ready made, custom made and even do-it-yourself designs and instructions to fit your needs and decor scheme.
  • Color, color and more color and patterns to calm your wild spirit or kick start it when you add fabulous textile to the seat cushions, back cushions and pillows.
  • They're simple great investments.  A well constructed, well designed storage bench seat will last and look beautiful for many years to come.

Still not sure?  This dining nook was created with a Craigslist buy, an old chair, creative wall hanging and a DIY banquet.  It's not used for storage but the idea is great for a small space.  If you're a do-it-yourself type person, you can build a bench, add seat and back cushions or  a row of pillows.  Not into DIY?  Remember, you can always contract someone else to make it.  Look for a storage bench that is at least 18" high with a width that fits your space, of course.  Add a cushion with a depth of 2" to 4." 

This options shows two open style benches used to create a cozy corner dining nook.

Storage bench seats make great "functional" accents!

 Ottoman storage benches are what I call multi-functional.  Here's one that is a storage bench, a seating bench and a coffee table.  It's leather upholstering is definitely a classy touch for a living room.


Even if you prefer the clean modern look, there is a place for a storage bench seat in an ottoman.  I'm not so sure this ottoman has storage but just image, it could be one that offers storage.  Note too how it doubles as a seating space and coffee table.

The padded seat on this storage bench slides over to reveal an enclosed area, in addition to the open storage area that is perfect for shoes, purses and other small items.  The bench has nice clean modern appeal to it.

   lax series   English walnut storage bench 

lax series English walnut storage bench 

Are you handy with tools?

If you're not a DIY type person, maybe you know someone who is.  Or better yet, just contract the job.  There are lots of DIY videos.  Some designs start from scratch.  But here's one that starts with top kitchen cabinets.  I thought the colors and style on this one were a bit hideous but remembers there are so many stylish kitchen cabinets that you could definitely up your game style with more attractive cabinets to make a storage bench seat worthy of your classy decor.



Ikea "Hacks" is a popular way to re-purpose furniture.  This one from Mommy Vignettes gives step by step instructions on how turn an Ikea bookcase into a storage bench. 


Although this entryway is not that of an apartment, the color scheme and the upholstered storage bench seat style could be adapted.  For example, if your door opens directly into your living room, the wall just left or right of the door could easily be designed similar to this one.  (I thought the designed so lovely, I simply had to close this post with it as a lasting image in your mind.) 

Again, with just a stretch of the imagination, when the door to your apartment opens right into your living room, make the adjacent walls dramatic.  Here en elegant table complements a bench.  It just as well had been an upholstered storage bench.

Don't overlook the idea of adding a storage bench seat to your apartment decor.  They come in a wide range of styles, can be custom made or can even be created by re-purposing other styles of furniture pieces from dressers to bookcases to top kitchen cabinets.

As for me, I'm considering one or two for filing cabinets in my studio.  
How about you?  Considering a storage bench seat? 

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