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What Do You Think Of Lean-Against-The-Wall Mirrors?

What Do You Think Of Lean-Against-The-Wall Mirrors?

They're over sized.  Some are very ornate, others clean and modern.  Are these over-sized-lean-against-the-wall mirrors just for the young and beautiful? For the hopelessly narcissistic?  For dogs and cats to check themselves out?  What do you think of them?

Ready for my opinion?  Okay, on the one hand, yes.  On the other hand, not quite a yes.  I guess that's a maybe?  So where would I put a floor-length-lean-against-the-wall mirror?

In a closet?  Perfect!!  Especially if my closet could look like one of these:

In a bedroom?

For me, it's a definite yes:)  In fact, I do have an over-sized mirror that leans against the wall.  My dog checks herself in it more than I do!  

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In a bath room?  

A daily full body view in the bathroom is an inspiration to keep resolutions to go to the gym.  People living with tiny bathrooms may have to do with a mirror mounted on the door.  But for folks happily (well, I hope you are) living with large luxurious bathrooms, the design possibilities are heavenly.

In an entryway?  Fabulous!

Floor (pun intended) your guests with class right from the start.  Or lean an over-sized mirror in the entryway just to check yourself before you go out into the world.  


In a kitchen?  Seriously?

I'm drawing a blank here.  Even if you had the room in an apartment kitchen, would you give up kitchen space for a floor length mirror?

In a living or dining room? 

Now this is where I draw a big, big maybe.  Living rooms, in my opinion, is the place where I love to entertain guests.  There is something disturbing about talking to a guest and discovering their visual, and probably mental, attention is focused on her- or himself in the mirror.

I really like how in this next photo the over sized mirror leans against the between the dining and living area.  The juxtaposition of the gold ornate frame of the mirror and the simplistic modern furniture is always a wonderful decor detail for interest and conversation.  And the light hanging down on one side adds a bit of glam.

Like all mirrors, but more so, a floor length mirror propped against the wall, visually expands the room by reflecting light.  Also, it reflects  other elements in the room which adds more visual interest.  My floor length mirror is on a wall facing the window and reflects the lovely pine tree tops and the ever changing colors in the sky.   

Design styles in floor mirrors range from the baroque to Hollywood glam to lovely painted  shabby chic to a  clean, minimalist modern.  (For even more glam, add string lighting around the mirror.)  Be aware that direct sunlight on the mirror can give a harsh and near-blinding glare.  Another consideration is to anchor the mirror to the wall, just a safety precaution. 

Okay, it's your turn.  Back to my original question:  What do you think of Lean-Against-The-Wall Floor mirrors for your apartment?  Where?  Or not at all?

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