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How To Stylize White Place Settings For Every Day

How To Stylize White Place Settings For Every Day

Often used for formal occasions, white place settings may seem boring for every day use.  I say they're equally exciting for every day use, especially when stylized with the right table accessories.  Moreover, white place settings are versatile.

The pattern design of a white place setting is what really matters.  How it's used with other place setting pieces, such as chargers, flatwares, glasses and table accessories .

How To Make Best Use Of White Place Settings

Think of buying table setting accessories that complement seasonal uses, such as spring to summer. For every day use, keep your flatware a simply design.  But for a more formal or just to add an element of surprise, use more decorative flatware.

Don't be afraid to just go wild on these accessories:  glassware, place mats, chargers, napkins, and vases (large and small),   For fun change up, add seasonal ornaments and name places.  Most of all, don't be afraid to mix up white place settings with other pieces.  Here are 20 examples.

Spring To Summer

 source unknown

source unknown

Use clean design white place settings for a modern or minimal look.  You can easily add themes reflected in accessories, such as the coastal look in the place mats and chargers in the above image.

Adding color in your table accessories with white place settings is always the easiest and often best way to make an every day meal more exciting.

When the style is very casual, country, shabby chic or even vintage . . .

Need to Dress Up or Dress Down Your White Place Setting?

It's really a matter of adding to or taking away.  From At The Picket Fence, in the white place setting below, accessories make it more formal with a gold charger, crystal wine glasses on tall stem, full flat ware setting, and a lovely collection of blue and white ceramic centerpiece.  But notice how in the image below, for a dressed down look just eliminate the charger.  Even the blue and white stripped table runner offers a more casual dining decor.


Fall To Winter

When seasons change is so easy to continue using white place settings by simply changing up the accompanying accessories, particularly with theme accessories for holidays or just everyday use.  Rich, dark colors in place mats, table runners and full table cloths;  acorns and pine cones; ornamental pumpkins; and mum plants are all just a few examples of table accessories that complement a fall to winter white table setting.


  • White place settings are not just for wedings and other special occasions.
  • They're very versatile and can be mixed with other dinning pieces.
  • Designs are available in a wide range of styles, solid colors to accented colors, as well as materials from fine china to stoneware.
  • White place settings are best suited for use when there is limited storage space for dining ware.
  • White place settings absolutely love being paired with other colors.

This is not an argument against pattered place settings by no means.  There are so many absolutely beautifully designed place settings.  When storage and budget are not an issue, by all means indulge your dining experience with decorative place settings.  Otherwise, opting for a white place setting and a variety of complementing table accessories is the way to go.

As for me, yes I do have very contemporary white with a taupe rim stoneware place settings from Denby.  And then a more formal white place setting with gold accent by Vera Wang.  I love them both and often set them out with varying table accessories.  

How about you?  What's your favorite or wish list place setting?
Please do share.  I would love to here it!


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