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11 Red, White And Blue Table Settings To Inspire

11 Red, White And Blue Table Settings To Inspire

Combine the colors red, white and blue in your table setting to create a refreshing and a very happy emotional response that touches your heart and the hearts of your guests.  Often this color scheme is used to observe patriotic events, such as Memorial Day and the Forth of July.

But perhaps these 11 red, white and blue table settings, tips and color meanings can inspire you to not wait for just a special holiday!  

Red:  the color of passion, love, energy and confidence . . .

White:  the color for new beginnings, purity, innocence, wholeness and completion . . . 

Tip:  Remember, flowers are perfect for adding colors and bringing it all together.

Blue:  the color of trust, loyalty, confidence, wisdom and intelligence . . . 

Tip:  Choose one of the three colors as the dominant color.

Tip:  When your dinnerware or linen has a lot of pattern, ground it with solid colors.

Tip:  Be bold and mix up the patterns, dinnerware and linens.

In Summary

Any day is a good day for a red, white and blue table setting.  You don't have to break out the table cloth and get formal.  A simple place mat, dinner ware, napkins and a bouquet of flowers are great for every day meals.  

Choose a dominant color, ground patterns with solid colors, and most all be bold!

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