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Ten Elements For A Cozy Wintry Bedroom

In the Northern Hemisphere, where I live, fall temperatures are gradually dropping and daylight hours are getting shorter.  The combination makes it difficult to get out of bed, coupled with the joy of crawling into bed at the end of the day. 

If you're like me, you may be looking to how to make that bedroom cozier; that is more comfortable for a great weekend sleep-in--or any day of the week sleep-in!  So what are key elements to a wintry cozy bedroom?  I came up with ten.

  • Colors that elicit a feeling of warmth and caressing.  See The Bold Side of Autumn Decor and Decorate With Brown? Afraid
  • Seating in a nook or small space and a table
  • Fireplace (built in, natural or stand alone)
  • No clutter.  It's so distracting, makes you want to run out of the room!
  • A well made bed.  It doesn't have to be luxuriously draped, it can be simple and with one or two comforters, quilts and throw.  Pile on the pillows.  See my post Decorative Pillows: Pile 'Em On.
  • Window treatment that soften and give you the option to embrace or close off the outside world.
  • Side table(s) next to the bed for books and a warm drink. Even a chair can serve this function.  (Note, I left out the cell phone and laptop!)
  • Decor accessories that warm your heart of photos of family and friend, wall plats, word sayings stenciled on the wall or art that you love.
  • Carpet and and rugs, especially a plush shag or flokati layered on a wall-to-wall carpet.  If wood flooring is what you have or want, add a large area rug such as a vintage oriental.
  • Warm, caressing apparel.  Just looking at plush slippers and a thick robe can mentally transport you to dream land.

Okay, so now let's see how this list works in real life.

I love this bedroom by Stacey Costello Design.  In soft neutrals and lots of different textures but with minimum patterns this cozy bedroom feels more like a dream one had blessedly fell into.  The four-poster bed, of course, is the star:  raised high for climbing up into it; classic white puffy comforter; a throw; and lots of pillows (for sleeping and a decorative accent pillow).  The gorgeous window treatment allows you to easily shut off or open the light and the outside world into the room.  Ah, did you notice that lighting is missing from my list?  Flowers and the silver tray with tea candles and martini glasses lend an air of romance to this lovely setting.  If that's not in your fortune, well . . . add books and a pet.  And chocolates!

For those of you with space, add a seating corner for reading, watching T.V. or just dreaming:

I selected this next example because it appears to be a small bedroom.  Yet, it has a fireplace which is always an element that adds warmth and coziness to a room, even a romantic element.  And I want to point out that if you don't have a built in fireplace, you can still add one. 

Free standing fireplaces is worthy of a separate post.  But I'll show you just a couple here so you can see what I mean.  They're listed on All Modern.com.  The two listed are gel fueled but you can also find stand alone and wall mounted fireplaces that are wall mounted.

  Sparta gel fuel free standing fire place ,   All Modern.com for Wildon Home

Sparta gel fuel free standing fire place, All Modern.com for Wildon Home

  Gel fueled wall mounted fireplace from    Wildon home

Gel fueled wall mounted fireplace from Wildon home

All of the bedroom images above are in neutral colors, two have the coolness of blue.  And the one above adds a little warmth from the reds found in the throw and carpet.  These are relaxing colors and are suitable year round.  In winter, if you want to warm up your cozy bedroom, you can add warm color accessories.  So let's look at a some cozy bedrooms with warm colors.  I'll tell you right now, I'm in love again and very definitely with this next one!  It's by Annie Hall Interiors.

   Houzz.com   via Annie Hall Interiors

Houzz.com via Annie Hall Interiors

For this next one, if you have an east facing bedroom where the morning sun stream through--and you love the feel--here's a great example of enhancing the feel with warm colors.  For privacy, add blinds or a fabric shade both of which can be rolled up, even under a simple valance in the same wall color.  This will minimize an unwanted visual intrusion of window treatment, such as the one shown.

There is a comment on Pinterest for the image above that states "Books always warm up a room."  I couldn't agree more as I'm sure you book lovers and readers!  It's easy too imagine oneself on a snowy, wintry day escaping to this cozy bedroom.  Note the spot of tea, a biscuit on the tray--sitting on a side chair that doubles as a table.

If you don't think of beige and sage as warm colors, think again.  Here it comes together beautifully, matched and layered with rustic reds. 

I dare not show you my down-sized apartment bedroom!  I only have about four of the elements I've listed and have yet to even unpack some of them, including gorgeous draper panels enough to make covers for my head and foot boards.  On my list of things to do as I plan the decor of my bedroom.  Well, I'm inspired by the photos above.  Hope you are too!

Are you making any changes this year for a cozy wintry bedroom?  Can you think of another must have element to create such a room?, please do tell!


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